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"De Castro combines jazz and contemporary Cuban dance music with musicality and integrity on Bueno Pá Gozar, showing massive potential behind the potent mixture. De Castro displays an intimate familiarity with modern world of Cuban dance music, writing complex pieces that respect the aesthetics of the style at every turn. The strength of his approach lies in his consistent dedication to jazz though, as he thoughtfully finds ways to stay true to the jazz tradition. His piano playing leads the album's massive rhythm section work with aggressive and funky montunos that drive the groove. The rest of the rhythm section plays with the appropriate fire and passion necessary in timba, but they always maintain a keen interactive ear."
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Chip Boaz
The Latin Jazz Corner

Los Angeles-based bandleader/pianist Paul De Castro displays his multiple talents as composer and arranger in this new production titled Bueno Pá Gozar... ... ... ... ... .takes us on a musical journey full of surprising sounds and colors within the boundaries of Latin jazz and Afro Cuban music.
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Rudy Mangual
Latin Beat Magazine

"Paul De Castro realmente quiere y siente la música, y respeta sus raíces. No sólo se conforma con ser Profesor de Música en la Universidad Estatal de California en Los Angeles, sino que efectivamente practica lo que predica. "Bueno pá gozar" es prueba evidente y candente de ello."
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Eric Gonzales
Herencia Latina
Puerto Rico

"De Castro es un pianista brillante y los temas reflexivos del disco (Hermeto y Chinita Linda) son excepcionales"
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Jose Arteaga
Radio Gladys Palmera
Barcelona, Spain

Interview on Sones y Soneros
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by Daniel Martinez
paul de castro

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